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Displaymaker Series XII
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Location: Trade plus printing equipment

These machines like new, come and inspect Both machine $7500.00Loaded Firm pictures on request Brought in 1999, install in 2000
One owner, very clean. excellence condition
Thank you
Fred Cancel
Trade plus printing equipment
Cell 512-227-1466
Office 512-668-4648

For large-format printing and photo reproduction
UP TO: * 12 colours * 72 inches * 1800 dpi * 240 sq. ft./hr


72� (182.88cm) DisplayMaker Series
XII/72. Choose the
model that fits your output size needs

Variable Mode Printing
4-Color High Speed Mode
600dpi @240sq.ft/hour
4-Color Production Speed Mode
600dpi @ 180sq.ft/hour
4-Color High Quality Mode
600dpi @ 120sq.ft/hour
6-Color Extended Gamut Mode
600dpi @ 120sq.ft/hour
6-Color HiRes Mode
apparent 1200dpi @ 120sq.ft/hour
12-Color Film Quality Mode
apparent 1800dpi @ 60sq.ft/hour
(5.57sq.m/hour)Choose the mode that gives you
the print quality and speed that is right for the
job. Variable mode options allow you to accept
a variety of print jobs and meet customersâ??
demands. Accept a job for one small
high quality fine art print, 50 prints for a point of
purchase display, or an extra-large tiled image
for a theatre backdrop.

Increased revenue opportunity
High Speed Printing
Using 12 ink cartridges, the DisplayMaker
Series XII is able to print up to 240 sq. ft./hr
(22.29 sq. metres per hour)In equivalent print
quality modes, the DisplayMaker Series XII is 7
to10 times faster than the

Roland HiFiJet, 2.5 to 4 times faster than the NovaJet PRO 600e, and 2.5 to 6.5 times faster than the H-P 3000/3500.
Increased productivity results in increased profits
High Quality Printing 6-Color HiRes Mode
CMYK plus Medium Magenta amd Medium Cyan
12-Color Film Quality Mode
CMYK plus Medium and Light Cyan and Magenta, Orange,
Green, Red and BlueMedium density magenta and cyan inks
renders better detail in highlight and mid-tone areas
giving the appearance of 1200 dpi. Adding light
densities of magenta and cyan, along with the process colors renders even finer detail, giving an apparent 1800 dpi print quality. Achieve smooth and natural graduations similar
to continuous tone quality suitable for printing
photographic quality images and fine art reproduction.
Gain customers by providing high quality work, increase
revenue CCD Camera Performs cartridge alignment, jet mapping and colour linearization.Automates many of the tasks critical to maintaining high quality output. Minimizes user
intervention and allows for unattended printing.
Increased productivity and less human intervention
result in increased profits AutoSet Alignment

Using the CCD Camera, AutoSet automatically aligns the
12 print cartridges with digital precision.Accurately
aligned ink cartridges produce band-free images. This
automatic function minimizes operator intervention while
performing a cartridge alignment more accurate than if
performed manually.

Reduce set-up time and labour, increase productivity
while consistently producing quality images

AutoJet Mapping
Analyses the performance of individual jets and
automatically compensates for jets missing or out of
specification.Easily produces band-free images, ensuring
quality prints without operator intervention.
Reduce set-up time, print unattended, and increase
productivity while consistently producing quality images

AutoLinearization Calibration
Measures printed colour swatches and compensates for
color shifting due to drop size variations and
environmental changes.The only large-format thermal
inkjet printer in the world that eliminates manual
colour calibration while ensuring consistent and
accurate colour. Save time and money by avoiding reprints

Allows the user to schedule Auto functions every â??xâ?
number of prints.Minimizes the possibility of ruined
prints and offers â??peace of mindâ? during long unattended
print runs. Ensures continuous high quality images.
Unattended printing saves time and increases
productivity, which makes you money

Allows unattended switching between 6-Color EnduraChrome
indoor dye ink and 6-Color PermaChrome outdoor pigmented ink.Eliminates time and labour required to manually switch
ink sets. Saves time and labour costs

Heated Force-Air Dryer
Located near the print heads, ensures adequate drying
while eliminating dust particles from coming in contact
with the print.High speed inkjet printing requires
heated forced air to ensure adequate drying, thus
eliminating the need to reprint.
Increases productivity and revenue opportunity

Motorized Take-Up Spool
Rolls finished prints onto a spool utilizing a taut-web
design.Eliminates possibility of prints being damaged by
hitting the floor. Taut-web design eliminates media
skewing. Allows unattended printing.
Avoid reprints, increase productivity.

Humidity Sensor
Adjusts print speed in high humidity
environments.Ensures quality prints that are adequately
dried before rolling onto the take-up spool, eliminating
damaged prints and reprints. Print unattended and increase productivity

Adjustable Printhead HeightAllows users to print on a
wide range of media thickness while maintaining
excellent print quality and minimizing overspray.
Media versatility increases revenue potential

RIP Options
ColorSpanâ??s ColorMark Pro 4000
ColorSpanâ??s RIPStation
Drivers available from ColorSpan RIP partners:
Onyx Graphics
Image Technologies Developments
Amiable Technologies (a ScanVec company)

A variety of RIP options allows you to choose a solution with the
features that are appropriate for your workflow and environment.

Connectivity flexibility

Banners, posters, signs - any large-format output
Short to medium runs, photos, backlit signage
ColorSpan ColorMark ProColorSpan RIPStation
Onyx PosterShopColorSpan ColorMark +
Also works with RIPs from Image Technologies
Developments and Amiable Technologies

Fred Cancel
Trade plus printing equipment
Lockhart, Tx

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