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Asian Printing Technology Expo 2006
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Asian Printing Technology Expo 2006--Invitation

Asian Printing Technology Expo 2006

November 3-5, 2006

Guangzhou City Exhibition Enter China
(No.668. West Huangpu Great Road, Guangzhou)

Asia Printing Industry Association
FCE Exhibit Group

First-class Exhibitions

Expo introduction:
Asian printing exhibition relatively was one of the printing galas of scales and influence in the world .It holds in every area of Asian in turn in every two years, which devoted to promoting the development and technological progress of the printing industry of various countries in Asian .In view of the flourishing development of The Asian-pacific regional economy ,especially the fast expansion of Chinese processing industry ,manufacturing industry ,Asian Printing Expo has driven the powerful demand for printing equipment ,products and service. In recent years, the printing industry of China increased at the speed of average annual 15 continuously, the total value of printing industrial production in the whole country was invited in 2004 is 2600 hundred million yuan .In the development of the printing industry of China ,The Delta of the Pearl River Utilizes and adjoins the Hong Kong advantage to emerge rapidly ,the annual output is up to 500 hundred million yuan and become the most important printing base of China .The Yangtze River Delta taking Shanghai as tap is increased powerfully by the regional economy, the printing industry develops at full speed and becomes the focus of the globe., The statistic indicates that Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, Shanghai city’s printing annual output exceeded 700 hundred million yuan . Expectations during 2005-2010, China printing market will reach 500 hundred million euros. Asian Printing 2006 will help internal and external enterprises to open up China and oversea market, to provide the international trade and business platform of supply and demand product exhibition and information interchange. It helps the businessman and trader to catch the new chance which bring up in Asian -Pacific market, especially the Printing limitless business opportunity of Chinese market.

Target Audience:
Printing Packing Company, Paper Packing Company, Printing material and equipment trader, Printing Company(game/stationery),Printing Company Printing Company(newspapers), Publisher(game/stationery), Publisher (book and magazine), Publisher (newspapers), Product before printed input-output trader, Printing/Packing machinery and material in-output trader, Adverting firm, gift firm, design company, creative boutique center, output center, terminal user( daily essential chemical enterprise, fashion enterprise),Printing industry/Advertising business Association, government organization, news media and so on.

Visiting Group:
Thailand Printing Association, Thailand Printing Industry Association, South Korea Printing Union, South Korea Printing Culture Association, South Korea PRINTING Information Technology Association(KPITA), Hanoi Printing Association, Vietnam National Printing Association, Malaysian Printing Association, Singapore Printing trade Association, Singapore Printing Productive businessman Association, AU India Printing Manufacturer Federation, Philippines Printing Industry trade union, Japan Printing Industry Federation, Japan Printing Industry machinery Union, Japan PRINTNG Technology Association, Japan printing machinery Association, Indonesia Printing Association, Pakistan Printing Industrial Association, South Africa printing industrial Union, European-Printing Alliance, Pan Latin-American Printing Association, Australia Printing Industrial Association, American Printing Technology Committee, American Packing Machinery maker Association ,American Printing Industrial Association ,American nationwide Printing, Publishing and paper making Technology Provider Association ,UK Printing Industrial Association, Russian Printing Enterprise Association, Italian Printing Industry Association, Germany Printing machinery maker Association and the Printing Association, Printing Technology Association, Packing Association, Packing Technology Association, provinces and cities in China.

Publicity and Popularization:
Asia Printing 2006 which based on the Delta OF THE Pearl River, rely on Mainland, radiate the Asian-Pacific area, take a broad view of world, has imports and exports pains of modernization international professional transaction association. The Sponsor will introduce the internationally advanced CRM customer’s relation administrative system, combine government association, local printing enterprise, printing equipment and print former auxiliary material supplier, media resource and host strong database, through direct posting, visiting, VIP invitation, instant popularization, exhibition previewing, advertising media, international cooperation and many kinds of professional channels invite the high-quality buyer to eater into the playground.

Audience Organization:
“The audience’s specialization” is primary work of this exhibition. This exhibition is attended by the professional buyer and professional audience from printing, packaging, paper field; this will guarantee to show this specialization exhibition result. This exhibition will also introduce the fresh and new exhibition view service mode. Through this kind of mode, the sponsor will guarantee all exhibiters to see through effective introduction enterprises of this professional exhibition and the market image of products. And reach the market and succeed in popularizing the purpose to sell finally. The concrete action is as follows:

The sponsor will be suffused with Pearl River Delta “9+2” area in nine provinces in South China and more than 20 printing ,packaging and paper associations and more than 80 professional main medias, combine various media resources, form propagating force, launch All-dimensional tridimensional propaganda. Make various information disseminate to every corner of the field relevant with printing, packaging, paper to spread to every one’s final professional goal user, Meanwhile, grasp the latest event trends of all famous printing and packaging factory, explore the new business opportunity with all strength, invite those who is relevant technological transformation, extend and play to build project.

The sponsor will cooperate fully with many employer’s organizations, authoritative media, professional media website, relevant trade mechanisms and embassies. It will propagate the exhibition and directly post 100,000 invitation letters and visiting tickets to reach both at home and abroad. Invite and organize the professional purchasing agent, make the specialization, inter nationalization and brand commercial transaction, platform of high starting point, multi-functional great visual angle of printing trade with all strength.

The sponsor will register in advance for the audience made by the specialized worker in special time. The purchase first 3000 people who is the person in charge or enterprise person in charge of the printing, packaging, paper enterprise factory, will be freely provided the hotel accommodation or favorable service of travel, also will obtain exquisite and practical exhibition proceedings, reference book and internal professional activity invitation letter of exhibition.

Exhibit Scope:
◆ Prepress equipment:
desk-top letter and picture processing system, scanning input equipment, electronic color separation, laser prototype setter, electronic laving machine, laser carving machine, imposing machine, letter press, copy board, developing machine, gravure plate-making equipment, screen process equipment, processing press.

◆ Printing press:
letter press, gravure press, offset press, sheet-fed offset press, web-fed offset press, screen process press, envelope press, scorch tape press, brand press, label press, business press, credit card press, security press, name card press, transfer press, newspaper publication and hydrogen machinery, equipment, material and so on.

◆ Binding facilities:
Digital machine, paper cutting machine, jogging machine, book sewing machine, rounding bridge machine, perfecto binding gear, saddle stitching machine, hand-bound automatic book production line.

◆ Printing material:
various printing and packaging paper, printing ink, print plate material, air cushion blanket, transfer film, printing chemicals material, various plate maker, binding material, other print-used tool and material.

◆ Packaging machinery and material:
glazing machine, mounting machine, box maker, case maker, carton press, bag maker, coating machine, bronzing machine, plastic press, ink jet printer, tin-printing body maker, plastic maker, plastic complex equipment and packaging material.

◆ Office automation equipment:
Desk-top letter and image computerized layout system, various mini-plant equipment, various mini-printer, desk-top paper cutter, desk-top stitches, and various mini-press duplicator.

◆ Checkout equipment:
Checkout instrumentation, press automatic control equipment and related electronic product.

◆ Printing material and various binds of printer fittings:
Ad make technology equipment material, post-press processing machinery, paper-making equipment and material, various second-hand press and correlation equipment, corrugated carton and packing processing machinery equipment.

Participation Rate:
◆ Standard Booth (3M×3M, charge 10℅ of the location fee of the exhibition in the exhibition location of two-sided opening)

Domestic enterprise:
Level a Section CNY 8000 yuan/one
Level B Section CNY 6800 yuan/one

Oversea enterprise:
Level a Section USD $2000 /one
Level B Section USD $1600/one

◆ Space only (36m² is the least for letting, cost of construction management: CNY 28/m²)
Domestic enterprise: CNY ¥800 yuan/m²
Oversea enterprise: USD $200/m²

Remarks: standard booth disposes materials including partition wall on three sides; one desk, two chairs; stand cleaning; basic lighting (2 lamps), and one 13 amp power point(5A/220V) .

◆ Journal AD: (The proceedings are printed with the colored art paper precisely, its size: 130mm×210mm)
Front cover CNY 20000 yuan; Inside front cover and inside back cover: CNY 8000 yuan ; Title page: CNY 8000 yuan ; Black and white page CNY 3000 yuan; Back cover: CNY 18000 yuan; color trans page : CNY 10000 yuan; color page CNY 6000 yuan ; 300 simple words: 1000 yuan

◆ Other advertising:
Arched door: CNY 6000 yuan/one; entrance ticket: CNY 5000 yuan/10000 pieces; colored banner: CNY 300 yuan/one; balloon: CNY 3000 yuan/one; invitation card: CNY 8000 yuan/10000; scroll: CNY 3000 yuan/one; handbag: CNY 10000 yuan/2000; lady serving at ceremony: CNY 180 yuan/person/day.

◆ product technology briefing: CNY 6000 yuan/hour/one meeting( providing site, light, sound equipment, desk-chair equipment).

◆ registration fee for a conference: CNY 580 yuan/person(including souvenir, lunch, drink, zhujiang River night scene sightseeing).

◆ sponsor: Limited in five sponsors. Detailed references are available on request.

Activities at the same time:
Russia Press enterprise Association, Vietnam national Printing Association cluster make order, Asia Printing New Technology and craft briefing.

Holding in the same term:
2006 AAE (Asia Advertising Exhibition)

Asia Printing 2006 will share the international resource platform with AAE 2006. The businessmen for participating are from more than 20 countries and areas, such as: China, Southeast Asia, Germany, Japan, America, Italia, etc. The visitors are from more than 60 countries and areas.

Participating-exhibition procedure:
1. The unit should carefully fill in the “Participating-exhibition application”, the person in charge sign and seal, and then fax them with business license to committee. Remit the fee in one time (or 50% deposit) to the assigned account number within sever days after registration, then assure the place for exhibition, pay off the balance before October 1, 2006;

2. Place and Adverting are arranged by the subcommittee, distribution principles: “first apply, first pay, first distribute” The assistant unit will be given priority arrangement; the finial right for place adjustment will be reserved by subcommittee. Without the permission, the qualification of exhibition will be withdraw if the businessman want only transfer the exhibiting place. Uproot fake and inferior goods;

3. After remitting all cost, the participants fax the money order copy to subcommittee as of today for checkout. Bill is open by the subcommittee financial section in the spot or post to according to its request. The fee for exhibition is not return if resigning in the course. If the exhibition stops caused by some unresisting factors (such as war, nature disaster, epidemic situation, administrative decree). Both sides needn’t adhere to the contract, and ascertain responsibility of the other side’s breaking the contract, but the money of the participants will be returned;

4. The Admission Notice and handbook about participating in the exhibition will be posted, sent or e-mailed to all the participants before one month of the exhibition;

5. Please contact us by telephone to ask for the contract form and arrangement map of participating place.

Secretariat of the subcommittee:
First-class exhibitions
Address: No.668 west Huangpu. Guangzhou (510627)
TEL: +86-20-6130 8966 6130 8955
FAX: +86-20-6130 8969
E-mail: info@fce.cn
Contactor: Jane (yn20058@yahoo.com.cn)

Author: FCE Exhibit Group
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we are interested in been attandace and needs more details as for the printing expo 2006

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Due to ease of use, linocut is widely used in schools to introduce children to the art of printmaking; similarly, non-professional artists often cut lino rather than wood for printing. In the modern day art world however, after the input of Picasso and Henri Matisse.

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Are there any 2010/2011 events?

Christmas Cards | PsPrint
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Andrew Miller

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To expand knowledge or awareness of products and services, I'm also waiting for the next event. These programs are focused events aimed at facilitating business and enhancing brand awareness.

Printers London | Digital Printers London
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Location: GuangDong

Hello, Do you have part for Roland 604 named control ink circult board?
Can you send pictures or quota me the price ?
We waiting for your prompt reply
You can email me to dazhang@21cn.net

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